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Small Business Web Pros understands how busy you are, and that it may be difficult to carve out the time to write the content needed for your website, e-book, press releases, blog or articles.Content Writing Firm


Therefore SBWP offers a  content writing service for your website! Our US writers are fluent in English and have excellent grammar skills. The content can be written in layman’s terms or in terms more suited to your product/service industry.


Our writing team is based in the US, fluent in English and all members have years of producing content for small business clients in the US.

  • Ordering content from Small Business Web Pros is easy, here is the pricing (an Article is defined here as either a Blog, Press Release, Post, etc):

  • Articles of 500 words =          $75 each

    5 Articles =                                  $350

    10 Articles =                                $675

Our content will be delivered within one business week and comes with a 30 day guarantee. If we miss the mark, we will make it right.Content Marketing Service


One of the biggest mistakes business owners make in promoting themselves online is hiring overseas writers for their content needs. Not only do prospective customers get turned off by it, but the search engines these days are much smarter than you think they are!


Google is able to contextually evaluate your website content and know whether or not it makes sense with proper grammar, spelling and quality. Does it answer the question the visitor was searching for and how long did the person stay on the page? If so, your rankings will increase and if not, your website will be penalized.


Another big mistake business owners make on their website is using duplicate content. The search engines hate this and will penalize your site. Potentially it may get “sand-boxed”, meaning it will lose ALL its rankings and be de-indexed completely. That is a disaster and can be avoided by publishing fresh content that is well written using fluent, experienced writers.


The benefit of ordering content on a regular basis is by publishing on your WordPress blog, the search engines will routinely be notified that new content is available on your site, which will encourage Google, Bing and Yahoo to re-crawl it. This is an excellent way to increase your rankings!


Currently, the phrase “Content is King” rings true for obtaining top rankings, captivating your web visitors and encouraging lead creation. Just building a stellar website  is only the first step of the equation. The next steps involve getting the website seen by visitors and search engines. Fresh, unique content will serve your business well. Order today and let us show you how great our writers are!

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