Affordable Whiteboard Animation Videos for Small Businesses

Whiteboard animation videos are great for promoting products and services. One minute of video has the power of a million words. Embedded in emails, whiteboard animation videos can push click through rates by more than 200%. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to connect with prospects and win them over, whiteboard videos are the way to go.



Why Use a Whiteboard Animation Video for Your Small Business?

Chances are you want to promote a specific product or service but don’t know whether a whiteboard video is a great idea. Statistics show that whiteboards will account for nearly 80% of consumer traffic by 2018. Here’s how your small business can benefit from a sleek whiteboard animation video:

  • Higher Conversion – you’ll enjoy better conversion than competitors.
  • Boost Sales- you can generate more leads and sales than quickly
  • Simplify concepts – you sell your ideas or unique selling points easily.
  • Explain – you can demonstrate how your product works in seconds.
  • Engage – visual story telling will help you engage your audience.
  • Low Abandonment – more people watch these videos all the way through.

What’s the Secret Behind a Great Whiteboard Animation Video?

From our experience, great storytelling and proper storyboarding is at the heart of successful whiteboards. Stories should be correctly targeted and strike a balance between information and engagement. Stories should merge creativity and strategic thinking during storyboarding. Without this blend, your videos won’t be effective.

Small Business Web Pros will help you fuse strategy and creativity to create an affordable whiteboard animation video that generates positive results. We’re known for our unique artwork and fast delivery. Our whiteboard animation experts combine great storytelling and captivating content. Simply pitch to us your ideas and we’ll blend them with amazing visuals to convey your message quickly and clearly.

Affordable Whiteboard Animation Video Package

Looking for affordable and high-quality custom whiteboard videos to promote a product or service? For $199, Small Business Web Pros will help you create custom whiteboards. We create whiteboard animations and explainer videos for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Our white board video package includes.


  • 30-45 seconds = 100 words
  • Send script and we Do Voice Over
  • Royalty Free Graphics and Music Added
  • Client Owns All Copyright
  • One Revision Allowed


Whether you want a whiteboard or explainer video for your sales presentation or product guide, our animation experts will be happy to create a custom video for your business.

Need an Awesome, Inexpensive Whiteboard Video?


Leverage the amazing talent of our motion graphic experts to create whiteboard videos that will engage, inform, and convince your prospects. Whiteboard videos done quickly and professionally within 3 business days!